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Eraj Jayawickreme better known as “e” realized his love for cooking at a tender age of 10, he was brought up by his parents to value food and hard work.  He was enthralled by the TV cooking shows of the early 90’s. He bugged his parents to allow him to cook, but being wary of a youngster burning down the kitchen he was only allowed to use an electric skillet.  His love for all things food grew as he got older, and he told his parents that he wanted to be a chef one day at the age of thirteen.


Eraj’s real foray into the culinary world as a 15 year old, was working as a third cook at the King Edward hotel, and it is here that he was taught all the skills that he builds his cooking foundation on today. The most important lesson he learned was that one must have respect for the food and use the proper time honored techniques to coax flavours out of ingredients to bring out their full potential. 


Over the past 20 years Eraj has worked in some of the most renowned restaurants and hotels in North America. He has had the opportunity to open and run his own restaurant. With a unique interpretation of the “Modern” kitchen focusing on organization, discipline and being team oriented Eraj is able to nurture talent and passion out of young and mature employees. Eraj pulls off classic flavours with grace, intelligence and admirable lightness of touch. He currently holds the Director of Culinary position at the Fairmont Olympic in Seattle.


When asked about his food he says with a big smile on his face that nine out of ten people love his food, it’s just that the tenth person must have spoiled their appetite before supper.


Respect the things you eat, and the people you feed.





Food & Beverage

Custom menus created to your theme and occasion

Exotic wine pairing and creative cocktails tailor made to your occasion


Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and charismatic chef.









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